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APGENCO & APTRANSCO AE Exam Frequently Asked Questions & Topics

The candidates who are completed B.E/B.Tech in Electrical,Telecom,Mechanical,Civil Stream and looking for APGENCO & APTRANSCO Jobs like Assistant Engineers,Junior Engineers,Supervisory Engineers. Here you will get all the Important Topics,Study Material,Syllabus,Tips & Tricks to get jobs in Government Sectors.Here we are mentioned the APTRANSCO & APGENCO Frequently Asked & Regularly Asked Topic & Question. These are the some Topics which are important while Preparing for the APGENCO & APTRANSCO Jobs.I think this will be helpful to you to get a good score.

APGENCO AE Electrical Frequently asked question


  • Kirchoff’s nodal  equations based on the principle of
  • If the Supply voltage is increased by n times, the cross section of conductor will  [increase/decrease] by ________ times ?
  • Memory word size of  8085 microprocessor?
  • Flip flop used in  shift register
  • And gate
  • Static electricity is  formed for?
  • Cc has current gain  and input impedance ?
  • If gate=1, the roots  of cequ are
  • For a 6db attenuator,  if input power is 100MW ,o/p power will be =?
  • For a perfectly  matched tr line , reflection coefficient=?
  • Radiation pattern of  isotropic radiator is
  • Amplitude limiter  essentially a
  • Waveguide acts as
  • The Frequency is  measured by _________ bridge ?
  • x-band range is reflection coefficient  is zero , then the line is
  • Dynamic memory cells  are constructed using Which of the following  is most efficient
  • Which of the following  has higher bandwidth
  • Essential channel  capacity is a measure of
  • Lossless line condition is?
  • The Source internal  resistance Rs , When equal to Load resistance RL, the maximum transfered  is of _____ % of input power?
  • Typical bit rate of keyboard devices ?
  • 16 in octal s/m is?
  • No of bits represents  16 is
  • F(t)=t e at, F(S)=?
  • F(S)=1/(s+a)2, f(t)    =?
  • 16 bit width ,8085  mapps    ans  64kilobytes
  • Which of the  following  flip-flop doesn’t have race problem?
  • Dominant mode TE10
  • Wave length in  waveguide equal to ,greater than , less than ,independent of free space  wave length
  • Half adder has how  many ips and ops
  • Magnetron is Bethe-hole coupler  uses
  • Power gain=40 :  Voltage gain=200 : Current gain=?
  • T function=k(s+1)/s(s-2+j3)(s-2-j3), no of poles=?
  • T funcion 1-s/1+s , it  is known as G=k/s2(1+sT)then order  and type=?
  • Which of the following  component is passive and reciprocal Broad side array  inter element phase shift is
  • R=100ohms,C=100pf,  TIME CONST=?
  • Isotropic antenna gain  is
  • In one time constant   the final value increases by _____________value
  • s-equation of L DI/DT
  • In a CE amplifier ,if a  C.E voltage increase
  • Transfer function has  2poles on L.HS PLANE and 2zeros on r h s plane this results
  • The gain at corner frequency is?
  • t.v s/m am-  picture, FM-sound
  • code used in  teleprinter
  • Bandwidth =resonant  frequency/quality factor
  • Differentiation of  u(t)? Free space impedance?
  • Resonant frequency of  RLC ckt is ?
  • bandwidth of  telephone is
  • bit is a unit of
  • when 2 n/w are  connected in parallel
  • z-parameter add
  • h-parameter
  • y-parameter
  • ABCD parameter
  • Bead width of antenna  is
  • Convolution of two u(t)?
  • T function H(s)=1/(s+1),h(f)=?
  • F(s)=1/s2, then f(t)?
  • Fourier series expansion of a even periodic function contains?
  • If ip of ckt is sine ,  the steady state op will be exponentially decay with time const ,sin ,  damped sinusoidal
  • Power gain of emitter follower?
  • Highest voltage gain  can be obtained from
  • Differentiation of  time domain is equal to
  • Standard rect  waveguide width to  height ratio
  • Which is micro wave  oscillator
  • If transmission line open ckt then vswr?
  • Is PN junction reversed biased?
  • Typical q factor of  crystal oscillator
  • In pnp transistor  saturation current is due to
  • When both junction of a  transistor is forward biased then it is said to be in
  • 50ohms line matched to  200 ohms  load through quarter wavelength transmission , the  characteristic  impedance of matched line should be
  • Hall effect used to measure?
  • P type semiconductor properties?

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